Who I am

I cover health care in Charlotte for North Carolina Health News and am available for freelance science journalism. In summer 2018, I wrote science articles for the Raleigh News & Observer as a AAAS Mass Media Fellow. I have a Ph.D. in mathematics from University of Illinois in Chicago.

I have a mostly-neglected blog Baking and Math. I am the social media coordinator for the international puzzle hunt DASH10, see my tweets here.

See "Clips" for examples of my writing.

My strengths are research, task management, teaching, oral and written communication, and getting things done. For more, see "Community".

My research was in the field of geometric group theory and random groups. My advisor is Daniel Groves. For more, see "Research"

My pronouns are she/her/hers. I've lived in MN, CA, CT, IL, TX, and NC. For more, see "Personal".

My friend Kasia took the header photo on this site at the Institute of Advanced Study. .