What I'm doing

During the summer of 2018, I'm writing for the Raleigh News & Observer as the science reporter. This is part of the AAAS Mass Media Fellowship; the American Mathematical Society is sponsoring my fellowship. You can follow the stories that I write for the N&O , and I'll also be tweeting them.

I'm also the Blog Writer and Editor for Engineers and Scientists Acting Locally, a non-profit dedicated to encouraging scientists and engineers to engage with local politics. The blog includes two series: one covers first steps of engagement, such as getting coffee with city council members or attending local meetings; the other delves deeper into bigger steps and interviews congresspeople or volunteer technical advising.

As something completely different, I am the Social Media Coordinator for Different Area, Same Hunt, a one-day puzzle hunt which takes place in locations around the world. This year we are in 23 locations in six countries. I'm teaching myself how to use Twitter and Facebook from a more professional side.

Also I officiated my cousin's wedding; that's the photo on this page.